Titans advance to Tier 3/4 Ladies City Finals

TRSA has joined the EDSA ladies league by sponsoring the Team Hrycak Titans in tier 4. Last night against the division co leader Silevrhawk FC, the Titans pulled out a solid victory and advanced to the EDSA Ladies Tier 3/4 City Finals. Congratulations to Coach Larry and all of the girls as the fledgling Ladies program starts off with a big boom. Go Titans Go.

City Finalist Medallists

TRSA congratulates the following medallists in the City Finals

U10 Girls Tier 6 TRSA (John) Gold

U12 Boys Tier 4 TRSA (MacKay) Gold
U12 Boys Tier 5 TRSA (Dhaliwal) Gold
U12 Girls Tier 5 TRSA (Hamilton) Silver
U12 Boys Tier 6 TRSA (Lu) Bronze
U12 Girls Tier 7 TRSA (Schwabenbauer) Gold
U12 Girls Tier 8 TRSA (John) Bronze

U14 Boys Tier 4 TRSA (Rattray) Gold
U14 Boys Tier 6 TRSA (Martinez) Gold

U16 Boys Tier 4 TRSA (Abbassi) Silver

U18 Boys Tier 4 TRSA (Finlaison) Silver
U18 Girls Tier 4 TRSA (Chahley) Bronze
U18 Boys Tier 5 TRSA (Sadasivan) Silver

Zone Schedules and City Wide schedules

For many outdoor can be a confusing game. Where am I playing, what zone am I in. Please let me try to explain.
For TRSA U4 – U8 schedules are on this site here
The teams are scheduled by TRSA for outdoor

For TRSA U10 & U12 and SWEMSA U6 & U12 schedules are here
The teams are scheduled at the zone level at EMSA SouthWest

For TRSA/SWEMSA U14 to U18 schedules are here
The teams are scheduled by EMSA


Last Minute info

Schedules for U8 – U18 Premier & U14 – U18 Community will be posted by the evening of Wed. April 27 on the EMSA website. No date for the regular community schedules yet. As the schedules are not out yet, no hard date is available for the start of season. It is supposed to start May 1 2016. The fields will be open for practice we have been told by the City this Friday but please wait for confirmation. Rounds of play will be 5 – 6 games and then on to the next round. There will be three rounds. Scores for the older age groups are important to get in as ALD’s tier the teams according to the stats. The regular season ends June 30, 2016. If you advance to City Finals dates are below.

Edmonton City Finals July 4 – 10, 2016    http://www.emsacityfinals.com/

City Finals:  July 4 – 10, 2016
Inter Cities: July 23 & 24, 2016
Boys in Edmonton, Girls in Calgary
Provincials: July 22, 23 & 24, 2016
(ASA to announce locations)

Coaches at EMSA Main there is all the info you need.  EMSA Main

2016 Outdoor Presidents Letter

TRSA Coach Development Sessions / Equipment Distribution

Thank you very much for volunteering to coach outdoor soccer!  This year our focus will continue on the development of players and providing all the necessary support and guidance to our coaches to make them the best they can be.

TRSA’s focus upon player and coach development substantially changed the mini-soccer format in 2015.  TRSA has built on the success of the coaching U4 to U8 manuals that were created in 2015 and produced revised manuals for 2016. We have also created a new manual for U10 coaches. Content has been modified based on feedback to assist our TRSA coaches.

For the 2016 Outdoor Season TRSA will be holding coach development sessions in conjunction with equipment distribution. One coach per team is required to attend the coach development session for their age group. Although one coach per team is mandatory all coaches are welcome!

TRSA is pleased to partner with Sean Fleming – former Coach Canadian Men’s National U17 Soccer Team to assist in delivering training sessions for all of our coaches.

Dates will be as follows:

April 11 – U14 – U18 Teams (Boys and Girls)

April 12 – U12 (Boys and Girls)

April 13 – U10 (Boys and Girls)

April 14 – U8 Girls

April 15 – U8 Boys

April 18 – U6

April 19 – U6

April 20 – U5

April 22 –  U4

**There is no session on April 21 as the hall is not available **


Brookview Community Hall (280 Bulyea Road)


6:30PM – 8:00PM – On Field – Green space beside Brookview Hall – Please dress for the weather as we will be outside.
8:00PM – 9:00PM – Class session – Inside Brookview Hall

9:00PM – Equipment Distribution – Rink Change Room – Brookview Hall (Only the age group assigned to that night will get their equipment).


Kevin Kobi (TRSA President) and Jeff Sermet (TRSA VP)

Kevin Kobi
President – TRSA

Exercise What is that??

The time for indoor soccer fast approaches and everyone is in their back to school form. Just back from vacations time to work out the kinks and get ready for soccer.

Pre-season training is one of the best safe guards against injury that there is. Rather that just jumping into the season cold, preseason workouts are the first steps to an injury free season. There are all kinds of workouts one can do. Anything that gets you off the couch and into some action. Good luck this indoor season.

Terwillegar Riverbend to lose Soccer Fields to First Place Housing

The City of Edmonton is moving ahead with plans to build housing on green space in the Bulyea Heights (Brookview) and Haddow neighbourhoods. The plan was first approved by City Council in November, 2006. A provincial Order in Council the same year allowed the City to proceed with the development plans without following their normal community consultation procedures. The First Place Implementation schedule posted on the City website shows that the Haddow site is scheduled for the Soil Tests and Resiting Review this year, with construction to follow in 2015. Bulyea Heights is scheduled for Soil Tests and Resiting Review in 2015, with construction taking place in 2017.

Both of these sites are now large expanses of green space that are actively used for both spontaneous recreation and organized sports such as soccer. The Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association (TRSA) schedules U4-6 games on open areas and U8-10 games on the rectangular fields with fixed goal posts. Our annual U10 tournament and U4 wind up party are held at the George Luck fields and there is soccer as far as the eye can see! With the playground, tennis courts and rink, the George Luck fields are truly a community gathering space for sports, walking, playing and visiting with neighbours. The same can be said for the Haddow fields, which now boasts two U8-12 fields and three U14-18 fields, as well as being the location for U4-6 games with pop-up nets.

A portion of each of these fields was originally designated for school sites back when the community was first developed. Since that time, the city has given up plans to build schools on the designated sites, which were declared surplus. Surplus sites can either be turned over to the community or disposed of by the city. The city has chosen to dispose of the fields by making them available to housing developers in support of the First Place program for first time home buyers.

We can expect to lose the two U8-12 fields at Haddow. In Brookview, the new housing is planned for the area between the four-way stop and the Brookview Community Hall. This site is currently home for our U4-6 fields and is also home to one U8 field with posts.

While the loss of these fields will be detrimental to TRSA, it will also be a loss to the communities of Brookview and Haddow. Many homeowners chose to buy in these communities because of the ample green space and the recreational and social opportunities that they afford. While the original purpose of these now surplus sites was to house a school, it is one thing to lose green space to a school, and quite another to lose it to row housing. While a school is a community hub that benefits everyone, the same cannot be said of row housing.

Numerous studies point to the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreational space. We are all aware of the importance of physical activity for everyone, but especially for our children. The proposed location of the housing will not only reduce the amount of green space, but it will also fragment and impede access to the remaining green space. The possibility of re-siting the planned projects to different locations within the fields could reduce fragmentation and maintain access to recreational areas.

 The nature of the First Place Housing project, and the absence of community involvement and consultation, have led to a lack of public support in Riverbend and Terwillegar for this initiative. At a meeting of the City Council Executive Committee held on May 20, 15 members of the public spoke against the project.

In these days of social media, there are many opportunities for the public to weigh in on a topic. This has given rise to a new concept, “social license”, which can be thought of as public acceptance or permission to operate. If the City of Edmonton wishes to pursue these projects in Terwillegar and Riverbend, there a few things they must do to obtain their social license to proceed.

The city must work closely with community and sports groups- the ones that are using the green space and will be most impacted by its loss. Sitting down with community leaders to discuss options would go a long way to restore lost trust. These discussions must centre around meaningful and significant aspects of the project, such as size, location, parking, roads and other infrastructure. The city must be willing to listen and consider the viewpoints of the community, and most importantly, be willing to compromise.